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Tutorial Links provide links to internet based educational resources with a self paced-learning experience. Many of the linked websites provide tutorials for several different subjects. Please read all introduction content prior to starting any tutorial and follow their instructions carefully.

The selected tutorials are intended to supplement the learning experience that RASCAL classes provide.

Dictionary Links provide links to internet based resources. Each resource was chosen for specific relevance to a topic as noted in the link title.

Each link is to a website that offers FREE tutorial content. Some websites may offer video based training and require a high speed internet connection. In most cases Dial-up transfer speed is not supported.

While every effort has been made to validate and/or confirm information provided; YOU, the user, are responsible for your own actions. RASCAL and all persons providing content assume no responsibility of any kind with regard to content presented.

Please notify the Education Department if you encounter a problem so that appropriate action can be taken.

Tutorial Links
Dictionary Links
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